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Jomalig Island : Golden Sand

May 22, 2012

When I first heard Jomalig island, where is that? Never I heard this island.   I immediately search in the internet about Jomalig island. It is because the next few hours we will have a trip. My friend owned a fishing boat, he said this is the right time for sailing.   Without second thought, where ever it is, just go!

Jomalig Island, Polilio

We take a bus Jac Liner from Cubao going to Lucena terminal, takes 4hours.  Then bus again going to Atimonan, where our boat is docked.  We reached Atimonan at 6am.  Went to public market to buy  our food for four days.  Our Captain,  was  also busy for fuel loaded and water needed fro drinking and bathing.  While waiting, some Atimonan kids, went to our boat.  Making fun with us, taking pictures as they jumped into the sea.  In short, they liked being at the show and taking pictures with them. Though I reserved my camera battery for the entire four days of ocean trip.  I just had a few shots from them.


Atimonan fishing port


We left Atimonan at 9am.  Now,  ready for a four days of sailing, to see the Polilio Group of islands and nearby islands.

After two hours of sailing, we saw an island, it’s a white long beach shoreline.  Captain said it’s a Balesin island, a private resort.  We took pictures at the end of the boat, where the island seen.  Then we are urge to to be there, despite of being so called private island.  Captain stopped the boat far from the island, as we saw some men on guns waving for us.  We went to the guard by a small boat, asking if we can go to the island just for few minutes, to see it in real.  The armed guards rejected us, as they say it’s private.  Going back to the our boat, I started to take pictures where my camera seen, we are at the end of the island.  Where rocks and few trees where seen.  Not lucky this time, to stepped into to the Balesin Island.  Back to Manila, I found that Balesin is now owned by Alphaland, and you can just go there thru membership.  Balesin, for sure, will become a top destination.  For now, seeing the island, I must say it’s really worth a vacation.


approaching Balesin island

To give a short background, the history of Jomalig Island is the only love story legend in Quezon province. Although many old jomaligins (its people) not know or not remember where Jomalig derived its name but there few old residences remembered the wonderful legend from their ancestors. Based on the story, there was a Datu (chieftain native) lived on island and he has a beautiful daughter. A young man from Neighbor Island wants to marry the princess but Datu challenged him. Datu said that when young man roams the island in one day and in every lake or pond he arrow three fishes, Datu gave his daughter. Young man tried and he makes the challenge of Datu, but in the finish area he lost his strength. In this point he ask his price and the girl come with him. Because he has hopeless to leave, he only request princess to kiss him. That case, the people in island saw what happened and they shout “HUMALIK” (She kissed). People in island named the island “Humalik”. Many years past and the Humalik become Jomalig. Many old residences said that the Americans change it when they

conquered Philippines.


Alright,enough of google :) .  I am more excited of the real one.  And see myself on a barefoot on the sand.  We are in a hurry to pitch our tent.  Cook the dinner.  And preparing to a birthday celebration of our friend.  Yes, it’s a surprise for him.  We asked him to stay in his tent for a while so we can prepare after the dinner.  Indeed, he’s surprised. A epic birthday trip for him :) .

Lights off.  Lying  in tent, yawnful sound of the waves, the hymm of the air, melodious sound coming from the forest.  Who will not have a good sleep.  This will not experience at the Metro.


good morning!

It was a short rain before sunrise, that went all of us awake :) .  Then a brand new day here at  Jomalig, now we can have time for a walk before we eat breakfast.  Taking pictures, play the sand, get wet.  There is a forest at the back, full of pine trees.  I’m curious about the forest.      I just have a few walked, and stopped.  All I hear are different sounds of the birds.  As i look up, I saw many birds, but Iam not smart  to named it :)


Young pine tree are everywhere , they are cute :) . My second time to see a pine trees in a beach. It’s like  Anawangin cove in  Zambales.


Small shells, branches and woods, pebbles are natural.  The island is not really polluted, it is different.  So unspoiled.


If  Boracay offered a long white sand, the opposite of this.  Jomalig , has  long golden sand beach.


Friends are all busy taking photos, jumpshots.   Lying in sand and relax. 

Walk as far they can.

This is real, for about 6hours to get here is really worth.  Not many travellers can reach here.


We did not go far, as Jomalig has still to offer a nature.  We did not go to the community area.  We still have more islands to explore.


Such a piece of paradise for me.  Serene and pristine.  Beautiful.


Travel tips

1.  Find a company that has unlimited stories and has sense of humor.  Six hours in a boat is not a joke for a quite companion.

2.  Fishing boat is the way to go to the island.  You can smell the fresh fish air :) . No toilet and stuff for like a expensive cruise.

3.  Buy your foods and stuff before getting to it.  Or you can just spot a fishermen at the sea and buy their fresh catch, like we did :) .

4.  Just relax and be a good sea nature trip :)

5.  Smart and Globe has mobile signal.

6.  Summer or dry season is the best time to go,or while the sea is calm.

7.  Don’t forget to register your names in their Barangay.  Some locals will come to you and inform you to do it.





Even we had a short time at Jomalig.  Such a great feeling  and worth to be there.  Another different island and unspoiled beach I stepped on.  I hope locals will protect this paradise.


Until then, Jomalig.




A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.  ~Lao Tzu

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