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Eid'l Fitr Celebration : Manila Golden Mosque-Quiapo

Aug 09, 2013


Today, Filipino Muslims celebrated Eid Mubarak.

Eid Mubarak 2013, worship, celebration,fasting, Manila Golden Mosque, Muslim, Islam,lakaw7107


It is not the first time I went to Mosque. But this will be the first time  at Mosque at their celebration of Eid Mubarak.

Before entering the Mosque, Non-Muslims,there are some rules and etiquette :

  • Dress appropriately.  For women, should wear a sleeves and should be also cover the knees.  Wear headscarf to cover your hair. For men, wearing pants and plain tshirt.  Be conservative.
  • Eating inside the Mosque is prohibited.
  • Do not enter in Mosque during the prayer times.
  • Remove the shoes before entering a Mosque.
  • Be Respectful.  Turn off mobile phone.  Observe silence.
  • Turn off camera flash.  Taking pictures or shooting video footage inside a Mosque is allowed

As we enter the Mosque, we directly went to the office to speak Imam or Director.  He welcome us and allow us to ask some question about the religion.



Ofcourse, this is our chance to know the religion.  Simple questions like what is the difference between Islam and Muslim? Islam is the religion and Muslims are the followers.  Why is the crescent moon and star symbolize the religion?  Where do you find or see the moon, in the higher level, our faith to Allah.  I want to  elaborate it to you but we dont have time.  Those are some question being asked.

Imam also showed us  the the book Quran.


After a moment of talking to Imam.  I heard a sound that I never understand.  They said it is time for them for praying.



As a non-muslim, and to witness them their celebration.  We are not  allowed to go inside the Mosque as they are praying.



Many tourist, non- Muslim are quitely observe to witness.  Here are some of my snaps :)

removing shoes before entering Mosque

 removing shoes before entering the Mosque



friends dress appropriately


 waiting for someone?



good photographer



where are the others?


Women prays separated from man.  Before we enter, they ask if we have a menstruation and it is not allowed to go inside.



 my camera vs his phone camera :)

We did not finished the celebration prayer.  All of us are hungry, as we meet up early.  Approximately 50m walk from the Mosque, you will find a famous halal food in Muslim town.

They have the roasted chicken for a half is Ph70 with rice and one whole chicken is Ph110.  And a variety of dessert for your sweet tooth :)




Somehow I understand the religion of Islam.  Each of everyone respect their beliefs.  We may have different religion, different beliefs but only one purpose to our only one Creature.  And that is between you and your God.



Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuku:



May ALLAH (SWT) grant our prayers, accept our fasting,

forgive our sins and make our lives more meaningful as

servants of ALLAH (SWT) both in his world and the hereafter

during this Blessed Month of Ramadan.


From: The Officials and staff of the National Commission on

Muslim Filipinos




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