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Mt Ugo Traverse : Kayapa - Itogon Trail

Nov 06, 2013

It was a planned climb for the holiday for another mountain.  And yet, suddenly changed for some reasons.  So I decided to join another climb,  the Mt. Ugu, which I always passed  whenever we had schedule.

Mt Ugu is one of the major peaks in the mountainous Benguet and Nueva Viscaya provinces.  The site was discovered as a new hiking destination last 1987 when Philippine Airline plane crashed on one of its slopes.  Mountaineers who volunteered on the ensuing rescue operations were awed  by the adventure experienced of exploring this mountain making it a part of their succeeding explorations.  Then for a long time, it was a place known only to a handful until the time when the other mountaineering groups started to re-discover the place.

It is also sometimes called Mt. Ugo.  This mountain is another proof that the Cordilleras is one of the richest hiking destinations in the Philippines.  It is a cross-country hike traversing several territories cutting across the provinces of Benguet and Nueva Viscaya.  It is a part of the "Cordillera Way" which is a series of trails crisscrossing the Cordillera Mountains.

It's not only the experience of the Cordillera wilderness that is rewarding but as well as the cultural experience of interacting and passing by the remote villages of Itogon and Kayapa.  This mountain hike itself is already visually rewarding and physically challenging.  This can be also an alternative to Mt. Pulag.

From Manila, we took the bus Victory Liner Kamias Terminal, 21:00PM enroute to Solano.  Then the next day at 02:45AM we reached the Aritao, Nueva Viscaya.  Also the stop over of Victory Liner.  While waiting for our jeepney to transport us going to Kayapa town.  Some of us, eat  their breakfast.  As I had a arrozcaldo for Ph30.00.


Chartered jeep arrived at 04:00, and we reached the Kayapa Public Market at 05:15.  From here we had again a breakfast and bought our packed lunch.


Stretching is very important before to start the climb.  Prayers for all of us to keep safe.  And now we are ready!


We are composed of 21 climbers, as per TL (Team Leader) said some of the guest are first timers.  Oh well

same as me, it is my time to climb the Mt. Ugu.  TL also group us, the lead and sweeper.  The Lead, as in

that word, you will be the first to go or the first group to climb, that would be advance.  and the second as

sweeper at the last.  

Is it a foggy trail for us, on the first day.  Sir Del, always reminds me, that on this side  was a nice view on trail.  

What can I say! there is fog haha :)

IMG_4814.jpgFirst Take Five!

We reached Indupit Village at 10:10, one hour early to the itinerary.  Prior to that, we took the trail which has many

limatik, blood leeches.  It is an old trail, our guide told us to take the new trail, as our TL said it is not on our

itinerary, and this old trail is the short way.   You will experienced the wild tall grasses in the trail.  And remember it is foggy, so expect the limatik in trail.  I walked so fast because I don't want the limatik suck any of

my body part.  Screaming!, one of my co-mountaineer are also afraid to it.  None of us want to be perch by

parasite :).  It is dangerous especially if  limatik will be in your open body parts like eyes, nose and ears.  As we

reached the village for rest and have a lunch.  Everyone checked all over body if they have limatik.  It is my first

time I found limatik on my clothes.  And I admit, I'm a bit nervous haha, because I'm still in the feeling of what

if I found it in my skin.  And the limatik is sucking freely into skin. Haha! over reacting :).

IMG_4834.jpgfound ten limatik in my socks

 We resume trek after we had lunch.  Here are random photos from the trail.





We arrived at the campsite around 4pm.  Pitch tent was the first priority.  Rather than taking pictures ahaha.  Because we ththought of rain will come in a moment.  .  And we are right, rain pour while we are cooking.

Picture perfect! indeed.  Mesmerizing the nature.  Dinner and socials was great!

Iam a bit of nowhere when i woke up due to hang over thing.  I´m so sorry :p that is my first time at the climb.

  Forget it aha!.  A new sunrise, A nea day, A new life ahead.  Looking at our view on top was a great

experienced.  One of the reason why i climbed mountains.  Iam so close to nature.

We started again by stretching.  Don´t forget it.  Start descending and a few minutes we stop.  We went to the

part of the mountain where there is sign of Mt ugu and its level.  And having a picture to a marker between

Nueva Vizcaya and Benguet.  Then we continued.  Truly a awesome descending, as we always says "Walk in the

park".  Pine trees everywhere, cloudy and cold temperture.  I have never been get tired indeed.  My eyes and

my spirit had a  delighful feeling.  Addition to my fellow mountaineers in the trail.  There is also a marker of

R.O.X marathon start at 15km.  We reached the 0.0km a few steps away on where we had our washed up before going back to

Baguio for a dinner.  And heding back to Manila.  I will post some photos of the climb. I still haven´t seen all. 

That was very great experienced.  Lesson learned :)

Looking for my one climb before end of the year.  Join me :)


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