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BUCAS GRANDE: A Place of Multiple Attraction

Oct 27, 2014

 Bucas Grande is located in the Municipality of Socorro, Siargao Province, north of Surigao. Yes, it is part of Siargao, the famous Surfing Capital of the Philippines. 


I been travelling around the Philippine islands, but Bucas Grande for me is one of the best and must visit place in Mindanao. The boat ride alone offers pleasant and relaxing beauty one must see. Its crystal clear water is tinted only by bluish hue of the sky and its transparency reveals the richness of its corals and other marine life.

 Bucas Grande offers a great variety of extraordinary outdoor experience one must try. This 12,445 hectare is so blessed with white sand beaches, waterfalls, rock islets, mangroves, inland lakes and caves, some of these are still undiscovered. But the most enchanting part in the whole islands is Sohoton. It’s full of amazing discoveries that will surely make every traveler mesmerized. 


Sohoton Cove

 The half-submerged rock opening is the only entry and exit point of the enchanting Sohoton which is the home of the snoring Hagukan cave, the home of the bats-Magkukuob Cave and the rugged Bolitas Cave.Here, you will see how God wonderfully decorated the caves with stalactites and stalagmites in the middle of an islet inside the cove. Going inside and seeing what a wonderful world is waiting is an extraordinary experience. It’s truly captivating!


Tiktikan Lake

 Tiktikan is a secluded lake surrounded by towering and lust limestone forest. It’s an ideal place for those who want to have quiet time with nature. Going there requires 5-10minute hike going up and down. But once you’ll reach at the top, you’ll really feel relaxed because of the lush vegetation that surrounds the place.

Tiktikan is part of the 13 lakes of Socorro and is connected by the sea by underground channels. It is a home to a lot of fish and crabs. 

For those who would like to spend a night there. Don’t worry because Tiktikan has available rooms in minimal rates


Stingless Jellyfish Sanctuary

 Jellyfish stings are painful to humans and sometimes very dangerous and even deadly. But I was wrong. The jellyfish in Bucas Grande are stingless. Yes, it’s not dangerous at all!

Among the places in Bucas Grande, my experience with the jellyfish is the one that magnetized me. The yellowish-brown color and the soft slimy texture of the jellyfish that are playfully floating around the lagoon are truly amazing. They are all harmless and so cute.

I learned from our tour guide that jellyfish grow abundantly during the months of May to June. 


How to Get There:

  • If you are from Manila, book a ticket bound to Surigao City. From there, hire a van that can get you to Hayanggabon Port.

PAL Express has direct flight from Manila to Surigao once every day.

Cebu Pacific also flies from Manila to Surigao via Cebu.

  • For those who are already in General Luna and Cloud 9, arrange a private transportation from the locals. Or if you wish, you can go to Dapa.

  • There are motorized boats there than can bring you to the Municipality of Sohoton.

  • If you are from Davao, Bachelor Bus travels to Butuan City and Surigao everyday.

  • Hire a van from Claver that will get you to Hayanggabon Port.

 The best time to travel from Davao is from 7-9pm.

 Bucas Grande maybe visited for 2 day and 1 night. Or you may prefer to book several days to be able to enjoy the wonderful sceneries. For inquiries, contact our friendly and very organized tour guide, Vincent Tamayo @09308028704.





Category: Mindanao

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