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The Fascinating Enchanted River

Dec 13, 2015

The Enchanted River is a famous destination for local and foreign tourists. It is located in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. It is called a lagoon river but the water is not for drinking because the river is made up of salt water. It doesn’t look like a typical salt water you see on the ocean but it is transparently clear that you can actually see the bottom floor of the river. Some of the local settlers in the Hinatuan area claim that the river is 60 meters deep. However, not a single person has ever claimed to have reached its bottom floor. The river is called “enchanted” because of the fact that nobody scientifically confirmed nor nobody knows where does the water come from and why is it made up of salt even if it’s water doesn’t originate from the sea nor the ocean. Every 12 noon, the people aren’t allowed to swim because it’s feeding time. Once the song entitled Kalikasan is played, school of fish will appear like babies waiting for their meal to be served. After that, they just go away. People aren’t allowed to swim after 5 pm in the river because it’s already getting dark by that time. Residents of the area have this superstitious belief that there are non-human beings governing the area or living in the midst of the river.


Going to Enchanted River isn’t that hard.

Step 1: From Mangagoy, Bislig City ride a tricycle going to the bus station.
Step 2: Once you are on the bus station, ride a bus that is going to Butuan City.
Step 3: Tell the conductor of the bus to drop you to Hinatuan.
Step 4: Once you are dropped in Hinatuan, ride a motorcycle (habal-habal) that will take
you to the Enchanted River.

My friends and I checked in a local hotel in Bislig City called “Paper Country Inn.” It was around 7 AM when we woke up and had our breakfast at the hotel. I was surely excited that day to go to Enchanted River. Based on the pictures I see on the internet about how blue and how clean the water is, surely I was very stoked and pumped up to go swimming the river. We started to packed up our things and prepare our meal to eat for lunch once we reached the Enchanted River. Without further delay, we called a tricycle around the area to bring us to the local bus station and it only took us around 3-5 minutes to reach the station. Once we’ve reached the bus station, me and my friends started asking people what bus are we going to ride in to get to Hinatuan because we just went on a trip without prior knowledge of transportation towards the destination and the vendor of cigarettes and candies told us to ride the bus going to Butuan City and along the way the bus will surely pass the Hinatuan area so we rode the bus going to Butuan City and my perfectionist paranoid friend specifically instructed the bus conductor to drop us to Hinatuan area . The bus journey’s duration to Hinatuan was about 45 – 60 minutes. We reached the Hinatuan area with smile and excitement because we were happy that we were near the river already but we weren’t. We were looking for a way to get to the river and some of the local motorcycle drivers spotted us, they obviously knew that we were tourist so we rode a motorcycle or “habal-habal” to reach the Enchanted River. For almost half an hour we’ve finally reached the Enchanted River. I got even more excited as we pay the entrance of the resort costing 30 pesos. Once we’ve paid the entrance, one of my friends was screaming out of happiness because he wasn’t comfortable with the motorcycle and he finally got out of that horrible situation for him.


A prayer of thanksgiving was offered first before we started our activity for the day. After the prayer, three of my friends rushed to get their own life vests and immediately jump to the river. Are you a non-swimmer? No worries! Vest and goggles are available there for rent. Truly, the pictures I saw on the internet wasn’t edited or exaggerated. It was true, I saw it with my naked eyes that the water is so clear and blue, it is amazingly beautiful. There were families and other foreigners who were also swimming in the river. All people were just so happy even if we didn’t know each other. And back then, we were just having fun. I was stunned with its beauty and grabbed my camera and took photos of the river.
The Enchanted River isn’t just called “enchanted” because people find it that way based on facts but the way I see it, it’s a perfect place for family, friends and everyone else who would like to witness the beauty of the river.


For those who don't have any food to eat.No worries! There are stores located on the left side of the resort.The stores sell fresh fish,crabs,shrimps and even meat.Just choose your desired food for lunch and they'll cook and serve it.You can also try their spicy shrimp and garlic crab.Malasugue,tangegue, danggit and lapu-lapu.









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