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Puting Bato Peak

Dec 31, 2015


Samal is a famous tourist destination because of its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, world class diving sites and of course, because of its rich aquamarine life. But wait, there are still a lot of things that we can do in Samal. The island has also its mountain that is called Puting Bato that is just waiting for us to be explored.
Puting Bato Peak is a famous destination for tourist, hikers and locals. The mountain has an elevation of 1,345 feet or 410 meters. It is located at the Barangay Guilon of Samal Island. It is a mountain that is enough for beginners to climb, Puting Bato is ideal place for hikers especially before a major climb. If you want to climb Mt. Apo and you don’t have any experience of mountain climbing, you should definitely set Puting Bato Peak as your warm up or a pre-climb before setting your trail for Mt. Apo. There are two trails that will lead you to the top of the mountain. 1st is the Tayapoc Trail, beginners are encouraged to take up this trail because it’s much easier and it only takes about 45 – 60 minutes to get on top of the mountain. The last and 2nd trail is the Guilon Trail, this trail is highly advised for expert or experienced climbers because it’s more challenging and it takes you about 2 hours to get to the top of the mountain.



Going to Puting Bato Peak isn’t a problem.
Step 1: From Davao City, ride a barge in Sasa Km. 11 bound for Island Garden City of Samal.
Step 2: Once you’ve reached Samal, ride a “Habal-habal” or a motorcycle and instruct the driver to bring you to Tayapoc trail (Easy trail) or Guilon trail (Hard trail).
Step 3: Enjoy the hike!


I’ve climb mountains already, what makes Puting Bato Peak special to me is because It was my first ever mountain to climb and my first ever peak to reach. I was invited by a colleague to climb the peak and camp there overnight. I never had any background of the mountain; all I know is that I should trust my friends in climbing the mountain together. Fun and excitement made me determined to climb Puting Bato Peak and at the same time fear and uncertainties rattled me about climbing the mountain.
It was not an early morning trip to Samal but a mid-afternoon journey towards the Island. Together with my friends, around 3 PM we rode a barge that is heading to the island. We’ve reached the island and inquired some of the local “Habal-habal” or motorcycle drivers to bring us to the Guilon Trail.
Friendly habal-habal drivers welcomed us in Samal Island. They offered us to tour around Samal or bring us to our desired destination. After haggling, each of us agreed to pay 90php for a one way trip going to Guilon. It was 4 PM and we started climbing the foot of the mountain. It was my first time so I was really unsure if I’m going to like the climb or if I’m going to hate it. But, I had no choice, I made my decisions in front of my friend and I am supposed to do my words and climb the mountain. Along the trail, I have no knowledge where to turn right or where to turn left but the good thing about the trail is that, the path is wide and clear so there should be no problem in finding directions to the top of the mountain. Around 5:30 PM, the sun started to set and it was getting dark already. By that time, we decided to rest for a moment and wait for the other friends who are falling behind our pace. We immediately continued hiking towards the top and by 6 PM, we’ve reached the entrance of the peak of the mountain. There is an old man who is guarding the place. He will also ask for P10 as entrance fee. We’ve finally reached the peak of the mountain, immediately; we assembled our tents because it’s cold outside. It was 7 PM and we started eating our packed dinner. After we ate, we kept chatting and chatting until the temperature got lower and lower so we decided to sleep and call it a day.



I was the first one who woke up and I also woke my friends up so we can take pictures together while the sun was rising. I was in a state of fulfillment during the sunset because I’ve realized that the peak of the mountain has a 360 angle point of view on the whole Samal Island. It is very beautiful.
Going down the mountain is harder than going up because the mountain is very steep but it doesn’t take too much time to get down the mountain and the path is wide and clear. It took us around an hour to go down the mountain and go home.
Puting Bato Peak offers a fantastic view to all local or foreign tourist so what are you waiting for, come and be mesmerized by the glorious sunrise at the peak; be blown by the freshness of the wind on top, admire its serenity and be enticed by the whole Island.








Tags: mountain
Category: Mindanao

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